Our Title Agents Take the Stress Out of Your Florida Real Estate Transaction

For many people, handling the multiple details of real estate transactions can be stressful. Whether you're buying your first house, selling the family home, or investing in commercial property, the process involves significant amounts of paperwork and confusing terminology. Even after buyers secure financing, they may not fully understand their rights and obligations related to the purchase—and a mistake made during the transaction could cost even more down the line.

Buyers and Sellers face a variety of deadlines that must be met in order to keep the closing date on track, and someone must hold the considerable funds for the purchase until the transaction is complete. Who can you trust to advise you on your best interests all the way to closing?

Seminole Title Company helps provide a smooth real estate transaction for residential and commercial buyers and sellers in Pinellas County and beyond. Our services combine the benefits of our legal experience as real estate attorneys with all of the duties of a title agent, giving our clients peace of mind throughout the process.Seminole Title Company 30 Yeas of Service Logo

As your title agent, we:

  • Receive and process deposits
  • Hold funds in escrow
  • Perform title search and examination
  • Undertake the clearing of title, including ordering the payoff for any and all liens that affect title
  • Issue title insurance to protect against future legal problems

As the title agency managing your closing, our team can perform all duties relating to title and escrow; work with some of the nation’s largest and most financially sound title insurance underwriters in the country; deal with mortgage companies; and administer your closing—all while insuring that your interests are protected.

Whether you wish to buy or sell a residential or commercial property, Seminole Title Company offers you unparalleled services.  Contact Seminole Title Company today to receive all of the benefits of a real estate transaction with none of the stress. We offer title services to customers in Seminole, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and throughout Pinellas County and the surrounding area. After talking with our staff, you can sit back, relax, and allow us to do the work.

Call our office today or fill out our online contact form to protect your real estate investment.