Commercial real estate can be a rewarding investment, but the process of transferring ownership between one or more parties is a complicated process. A commercial sale can involve a considerable amount of capital, a scheduled disbursement of funds held in escrow, and the potential for parties to slow or cancel the transaction at any point, leaving investors out-of-pocket and behind schedule.

At Seminole Title Company, we understand the complexities of commercial real estate transactions. Whether you're investing in a local small business or adding another location to your extensive portfolio, we can streamline the process while extending our renowned white-glove level of customer service. Contact us today to discuss our commercial real estate title service options and create a customized solution for your investment.

Helping Florida Buyers, Sellers, and Developers Secure Title to Commercial Property

The settlement of commercial title disputes—such as tax debts, inheritance complications, and land use restrictions—can be time-consuming and costly. Our experienced title agents perform detailed searches to discover outstanding claims and liens, work to settle outstanding claims found throughout the title examination process, and issue a title insurance policy to protect against future ownership or collection claims. Every action we take protects our client’s right to ownership, and we ensure that all parties’ requirements are satisfied and deadlines are met to ensure an on-time closing with no surprises.

Seminole Title Company provides a variety of services for commercial buyers and sellers, including:

  • Title Services. We provide the same level of excellence in title examination for our commercial clients that we bring to our residential transactions. Our staff is familiar with the common complications that may arise during a commercial real estate transaction and is well-versed with the specific nuances involving properties within the Tampa Bay area and throughout the entire state of Florida. We assist in a variety of sales and purchases, including industrial properties, retail chains, telecommunications services, acquisitions by state and local government, and transactions involving multiple counties and entities. We're committed to providing comprehensive title review and working with the client, or the client's agent or attorney, to find creative and practical solutions to title challenges before issuing title insurance.

  • Underwriting Services. Our commercial clients can enjoy the security of two of the nation’s largest and most financially sound title insurance underwriters. Seminole Title Company is an agent of Commonwealth Land Title—part of the Fidelity National Title Group—and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.

  • Closing Services. Commercial closings typically involve contracts between multiple companies, corporations, and other legal entities. We verify the legal authority and requirements of business entities involved in the transaction before they're permitted to enter into the sale and accept earnest money from each entity as required by the sales contract. We also perform a final review of all documents for proper signatures and notarization, disburse funds to all parties to finalize the sale, submit loan documents to lenders, and record the closing documents with the appropriate government authority. We approach each step in the transaction with extreme care and attention to detail.

  • Developer Services. Our team has extensive experience catering to the real estate construction and development market, and we understand the challenges faced by Florida’s building community. We work with landowners, developers, builders and construction managers, attorneys, surveyors, and other individuals whose projects are in jeopardy due to title complications. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with any problems that arise during the construction process.

Seminole Title Company can help establish a clear line of title and issue the title insurance policy that protects your investment for years to come. We've served the local community since 1993, offering peace of mind to investors in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and throughout Pinellas County and beyond.

Contact Seminole Title Company today to see how we can facilitate your commercial real estate transaction.