Title Talks LogoWe know the value of working with a variety of professionals to grow and learn together. In the past, we helped buyers, sellers, real estate agents, lenders, developers, and property owners throughout several complicated residential and commercial transactions. As providers of escrow, title, and closing services, we're committed to constructing and strengthening our business connections through continued education.

Title Talks is an educational series presented by Seminole Title Company. We host various speakers involved in the real estate industry, giving all parties involved a deeper understanding of the transfer process. Sign up for our email updates today to be notified of upcoming presentations, or call 727-392-5906 to let us know if you would like to partner on a future talk or have a topic idea to help you build your business.

Upcoming Title Talks

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Past Title Talks

Our talks have centered on a variety of topics in the past, including:

  • The Evolution of Title Insurance and the Protection It Provides
  • The Anatomy of a Title Insurance Commitment
  • What To Do When Parties are Absent for the Closing
  • Review of the Settlement Statement and the Closing Costs
  • Facebook for Realtors: Creating and Editing Ads, Videos, and Photos for Social Media
  • Appraising in a Growing Market
  • Residential Appraisal Review
  • What Is a Title Commitment and What Do I Do With It?
  • Fraud, Forgery, and Real Estate
  • Cyber Fraud and the Real Estate Professional
  • The FAR/BAR Contract and the Closing
  • Help with 1031 Tax Exchanges
  • Help for Your Foreign Investors
  • Adventures in Condo Land
  • The Closing Zone: Maneuvering Through Title Insurance, Entities and the Contract (3 hours of CE credits)

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