A residential real estate transaction is a significant investment, and all parties involved must go to great lengths to protect their interests. Sellers want to be able to leave the home free and clear, lenders want to ensure that the buyer repays the loan, and buyers need the assurance they're the only ones with rights to the property.

A title search must be done to establish any claims, liens, or restrictions against the home. If any title defects aren't satisfied, everyone involved in the transaction could face significant financial losses decades after the sale.

At Seminole Title Company, we work with a variety of clients to identify any potential claims during title search and examination, order payoff for any liens, resolve outstanding issues that affect title, and establish clear title to the property. In addition to performing exhaustive title searches and issuing title insurance, our licensed Florida real estate attorneys offer additional protection through our underwriting services. Contact us today to learn how we can ease the burden of your home buying experience.

Our Title Insurance Agents Can Help You Avoid Problems Now and in the Future

While a thorough title search can identify major title defects such as unpaid taxes, outstanding mortgages, court judgments, and land use restrictions, there's always the possibility that someone may bring a claim against the title in the future. The only way to prevent challenges to title is by purchasing title insurance. Title insurance is a one-time cost that's a fraction of the home’s purchase price, and the policy remains in effect as long as the owners (and heirs) retain the property.

Our title insurance policies protect clients from any title defects that may jeopardize their rights to ownership of the property, including:

  • Claims made by a seller’s undisclosed heirs.
  • Documents served by an invalid or expired power of attorney.
  • Transaction errors from improper or expired notarization.
  • Challenges to wills based on the deceased’s mental incompetence.
  • Fraudulent documents, such as death certificates, marriage certificates, or evidence of relationship to former owners.
  • Forged or defective wills, deeds, mortgages, and other ownership documents.
  • Impersonation of a legitimate land owner.
  • Probate defects.
  • Adverse possession.
  • Tax record errors, omissions, or improper filing.
  • Clerical errors, such as confusion of identical names or incorrect data entry. 

Our Florida Attorneys Guide You Through Residential Real Estate Transaction Processes

Seminole Title Company provides comprehensive title services for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents in Pinellas County and throughout Florida. Our agency is owned and operated by licensed real estate attorneys, giving us the ability to identify and solve potential title disputes and answer legal questions all the way through to closing.

Our real estate attorneys provide residential title services for:

  • Sellers. We assist sellers in a variety of residential sales, including for sale by owner, home flipping purchases, and double closings on residential properties, and our title insurance policy protects sellers from losses if title is rejected by a prospective buyer.
  • Buyers. Our attorneys issue owner’s policies to protect home purchasers from title defects, ensuring buyers won't have to pay for any future defense costs related to attacks on the title. We have experience in many different types of purchases, including first-time home buyer transactions, VA/FHA closings, and short sales.
  • Lenders. We issue lender’s policies to protect financial institutions and mortgage companies against title defects for the length of the loan and assist mortgage brokers to meet compliance requirements and deadlines.
  • Owners. We can perform title searches to identify and satisfy any liens before owners secure refinancing of residential property, such as home improvement loans or second mortgages.
  • Agents. We work with real estate brokers, real estate agents, and buyers’ and sellers’ attorneys to ensure the efficient and safe transfer of title, protecting the interests of all parties in the transaction.
  • Developers. We pride ourselves on our relationships with developer clients and have particular experience assisting developers and builders with mechanic’s liens, construction loans, timeshare transactions, and lot purchases and sales.

Our attorneys have assisted local clients in St. Petersburg, Seminole, Clearwater, and beyond for over 25 years and are renowned for our attention to detail throughout each transaction. If you need title examination, title insurance, or have questions on your residential real estate purchase, please call the numbers on this page or fill out our easy online form to contact the legal team at Seminole Title Company.